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June 28th, 2009, 12:15 am


So, I posted that mp3 blog-ad, and then Ethan and I got to talking, and then we were both like "I miss drawing ELHG." So we are doing it again! Hoorayyyy.

The idea is that the mp3 blog and the comic will exist in peaceful harmony. The blog will update somewhat frequently, whereas the comic will update with no schedule-- updates will be pretty much whenever we feel like it. Ethan is working away at Space Crew and a bunch of other stuff, and I'm going to be updating Mocktopus five days a week pretty soon, so this is really the best arrangement for us. The "Music" link in the menubar will lead to the blog from now on, and I'm working on a hub site linking to both the comic and the blog.

Oh yeah, and one last thing-- any comments made by Frank are going to be deleted from now on. Enough is enough.

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